Thursday, October 27, 2011

My First Weeklong

My first week long scouting trip was this past summer.  Our troop went to Coyote Gulch down in Southern Utah.  We hiked in through  narrow crevices, down the cliff.  We followed a river and camped along the smooth red rocks.  We had to pack in all of our own food and supplies so it was a lot to carry, but our leaders had a plan and everything went well.  My favorite part of the trip was spending so much time with my friends.  I also enjoyed the beautiful scenery and night skies.  This picture above really shows how amazing this area is.

I had a fantastic time.

Klondike Report

Here is a drawing of the type of snow cave we built for our troops Klondike Camp. First, you dig a ditch into the snow and then you lay a tarp over it.  We left a small opening to enter the cave. At this camp, we went fishing but no one actually caught anything. We think it may have been too cold. We kept warm by eating chili and drinking lots of cocoa. 
I actually got really hot in my sleeping bag and it was much warmer than I expected.

I am looking forward to next year's Klondike!

Lake Hardy!

One of my favorite scouting hikes was to Lake Hardy. It was really long and tiring and we had to take a break every ten minutes but it was so worth it! Our hike was my first scouting hike.  We saw deer and lots of birds and a rat.  We slept outside in our sleeping bags.  We also saw a bear cave and actually slept right by it!

It was a great time.